Finding the Best FAB Cards for Cheap


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Flesh and Blood is an intense card game that has surged in popularity. Thanks to the latest offers at, the game has become more affordable than ever. It is loads of fun to play, and simple to start.

At the beginning of the game, you will have 60 cards which include the hero of your choice. To improve your chances of victory, you need to stick to the tips and tricks that work to your advantage.

Choosing your Colors

Spells in the game go hand in hand with colors. You will also not be able to have the ideal kind of mana to help you along. Go for a maximum of three colors as this helps balance your variety with focus.

Choosing your Hero

The hero that you choose is only as valuable to you as your ability to cast it. The lesser mana that your hero requires, the higher your chances of success in battle. Less mana means low base cost hence fewer rivals from the command region. Holding back your expensive titans can trick your rivals to avoid paying hefty fees. Try your best to avoid playing cards that cost the same as your hero.

How to Use your Life Effectively

Keeping the life totals of your hero high reduces the costs of black spells by making self-mutilating cards benign. Maintaining a high health status allows you to make use of them earlier in the game.

Aim to play the long game. This means that you use your hero’s lifelines to build resources. Improve the effectiveness of your strategies by employing late-game spells. Opt for cards that increase power instead of the ones that dole out damage.

Use the cheap tutors you have at your disposal to ensure that you proceed quickly in the game.