Industrial measuring and analysis


The many uses of x-ray sources and generators

There are a lot of uses for x-ray sources and x-ray generators – they can be used in almost all industries and are used for a variety of purposes. Here we have gathered a list of application purposes for x-ray sources and x-ray generators. Some are more known than others, but all are used in different industries all around the world.

X-ray sources can be used to measure organic material. The application purpose of x-ray sources is to measure the entire material without damaging it in any way – and this can only be done by using x-ray sources that can pass through the material. This is especially helpful in the in-line process control in the meat plant or in the measurement of moisture control in wood chips. However, there are a lot more application purposes out there.

X-ray security screening refers to the methods used to protect life from malicious harm. It is especially used in airports at the security checkpoint, where the hand luggage is passed through by x-ray – with the purpose to safeguard human and material resources against unlawful interference. However, security screening is not only used on hand luggage, but it is also used on the checked in luggage in order to make sure that people are not transporting anything illegal or malicious that can be used to harm other people.

X-ray sources are very useful within medical research, since it is able to pass through the human body and make a sort of photo of the bones. This can very helpful in a lot of medical situations, such as measuring the bone density for early detection of osteoporosis and CT-scanning of both humans and animals.

X-ray can be used to ensure the safety and the quality of food products of any kind. X-ray sources are especially helpful in making sure that food has not been contaminated in any way. Furthermore, they are helpful in performing integrity checks such as measuring the fat percentage in meat, inspecting sealed products and checking for damaged products and packaging. X-ray can do all these things without damaging the foods in the process.

There are, however, a lot more applications for x-ray sources. Read more about here.