Important Tips for a Successful Audio Visual presentation in conferences or meetings


A lot of planning goes into putting a conference together. One of the most crucial aspect of every conference is the audiovisual component of the presentation. Having good quality AV equipment components installed before your conference begins is important. But so is knowing how to properly manage and use them. Here are some audiovisual tips that will make your conference presentations successful and effective.

Be informed

In most cases, the success of your presentation depends largely on how much information you have and we are not talking about how much of the content of your presentation that you have in your head already. This is more about stats regarding the conference or meeting itself. How many employees will be in attendance? Is your conference room large enough to contain them, how many screens will you need to cover the entire room efficiently? These are questions that must be answered long before D-day in order to ensure an optimal experience for attendees.

Start early

When it comes to audiovisual installations, starting early will make a lot of difference. Even if you are using a conference center with all the audiovisual equipment set up already, you should check to see if they have all that you need or you might have to rent more. Starting early will also make it possible for you to test everything before the conference.

Master every piece of equipment

It’s not enough to have a great presentation when you don’t even know how your laptop would connect to your projector. If your meeting or conference would go on without a hitch then you need to master how every piece of equipment will tether together and know how to make them work optimally.

Go for quality and ease of use

Using top quality audio-visual installations is vital for the success and effectiveness of your presentation. For example, a bright projector offering high definition visuals is highly recommended for large conference rooms. Using wireless components will also make your presentation go smoothly and avoid issues that may arise from tripping over cords and similar incidences.

Additionally, using equipment that is easy to use and master will improve the quality of your presentation since you are better coordinated. It will also make it easy to troubleshoot issues that may arise in the course of your presentation.

Hire a tech

Sometimes all you need is simply a professional to put everything together. This is particularly true if your knowledge of audiovisual technology is limited. Some conference center already offers to test equipment for you before the conference starts. But you still go ahead an hire a professional to check again before your conference begins. Also, having a professional around during your meeting or conference is also good as this would make it easier to handle unforeseen issues.


At the end of the day, having great equipment set up is just one part of your presentation. Success will only be guaranteed when you follow these tips and other precautions.

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